K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc. has the burning, fabricating, machining and inspection equipment necessary to handle your large fabrication and large machining outsourcing needs.

Large Fabrication

Our fabrication equipment starts with a 4000 watt laser burner and an ESAB plasma / oxy-fuel burner capable of burning steel plate up to 100 mm thick.  A brake press for forming and several beveling stations support fabrication operations.  Our fabrication shop is equiped with two robotic welding stations, two SAW welding machines and 50 manual welding stations capable of handling large fabrications.  The largest capacity overhead cranes in the fabrication shop have 25 ton capacity.  The fabrication shop is also equipped with a blast booth and paint booth.

Large Machining

The K&M machine shop is equipped with 30 large CNC machines.  This includes 15 large horizontal boring mills, 2 large horizontal machining centers and 11 large vertical gantry mills, 2 lathes.  The largest capacity overhead cranes in the machine shop can handle up to 50 tons.

Large Inspection

K&M’s large fabrication and large machining capacity includes capacity for large inspection.  Our large CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) can handle a part up to 3 meters X 6.2 meters X 2.5 meters.  K&M’s Faro Laser Tracker can handle larger parts.  Any part that K&M can machine or fabricate can be 100% dimensionally measured and documented by the CMM or the Faro Laser Tracker.